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Achieving Athletic Goals During Pregnancy and Beyond

Pregnancy is definitely something that will slow a female athlete down bit by bit for a certain period of time, but it doesn’t mean you have to give up on future goals and aspirations. However, I have discovered that everyone has an opinion on what you could or should be doing while pregnant and after. There are those who are very encouraging, supporting you and telling you to keep at it, while others are a bit more discouraging. These discouraging people, with their unintentional negative comments, can make you feel like because you are having a baby your athletic career could be or should be over. Personally, while I do admit there will be changes, I definitely do not plan to give up riding and racing post baby.

Even though I am sure these well meaning individuals probably believe they are trying to help you set realistic expectations, it gets discouraging to hear the comments again and again about how I shouldn’t be training now or even after the baby is born. When I hear these discouraging remarks, I keep thinking “I AM HAVING A BABY, NOT HAVING MY LEGS REMOVED,” which would pose infinitely more challenges to returning as a cyclist and triathlete.

As one of my 2018 resolutions, I have decided not to let those comments make me feel disheartened. I am instead turning those discouraging words around to use them as fuel for the fire in my determination to get back to my athletic pursuits as soon as I can.

While for now I am being forced to cut back a bit more dramatically in the middle of my third trimester, here are some things I’m proud to say that I accomplished on the bike in 2017 since becoming pregnant:

The baby and I have ridden approximately 3050 miles together.

My 2017 Year in Sport

We rode a century!

Revolutionary Ramble Century - June 2017

Revolutionary Ramble Century – June 2017


She and I came in fifth place in a criterium race.

Watermelon Criterium June 2017

Watermelon Criterium June 2017

We have completed a couple of time trials.

Sandrinos Time Trial July 2017

Sandrinos Time Trial July 2017


We have ridden outside together in temperatures ranging from ninety-degrees down to the teens!



While the baby may have fewer accomplishments on the bike in 2018, I am still hoping to get back out there as soon as I am able and continue to have new and exciting adventures and achievements on my bike! I truly appreciate the encouragement from the positive people in my life. Also I want to show my future daughter, that my dreams and desires don’t have to end because of her, in fact I will have even more dreams and aspirations because of her.