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Ride of the Moment – The Rainy Day Trainer Ride

It was a dark and stormy afternoon when I was forced to bring my trainer out for the first time this season. I wanted to ride, but the rain was coming down steadily and I knew it was not to be. So I set up shop in the garage so I could at least watch the rain fall and see the great outdoors and did the following indoor trainer workout.

– 15 minute warmup, spinning in a relatively easy gear for the first 10 minutes then moving up a gear or two for the next 5
– one 10 minute medium endurance interval – this means you are working hard, outside your comfort zone, but not all out, at an intensity that you can sustain for ten minutes
– 5 minutes recovery, easy spin
– five 30 second intervals, with 30 seconds of recovery after each one. These intervals are short and should be all out efforts
– two 5 minute long endurance intervals, still outside your comfort zone, but only about 10-15% outside of your recovery zone, with 5 minutes of recovery in between
– ten minute cooldown, easy spin

Riding the trainer in the garage on a rainy day...

Riding the trainer in the garage on a rainy day…